Limeyard brings slice of America to Ealing Broadway

Ealing Times:

1:08pm Saturday 11th October 2014

IT’S 2pm on a Friday as general manager Ellie Cole offers me a tipple of the signature Yard G&T cocktail (£4.95).

Viennese Ballet to bring festive spirit to Hayes

Ealing Times:

9:25pm Sunday 5th October 2014

THE Vienna Festival Ballet, famed for its dancers and lavish hand-made costumes, are celebrating their 34th anniversary with a tour across the UK, including the Beck Theatre at Hayes.

Eva helps ease pain at Hillingdon clinic

Ealing Times:

5:58pm Wednesday 17th September 2014

HILLINGDON Hospital’s chronic pain clinic treats thousands of patients a year who live in serious discomfort.

Love Beyond, the biblical musical, comes to Wembley Arena - with a Ruislip girl's name in lights

Ealing Times:

6:35pm Sunday 14th September 2014

LOVE BEYOND, a musical re-telling the entire story of The Bible, is playing at Wembley Arena on October 1 and 2 with a host of West End stars, including Hillingdon-raised Holly-Anna Lloyd.

Catching up with GirlCubed, Ealing's favourite buskers: now a hit across London

Ealing Times:

9:09am Saturday 13th September 2014

THEY are an up-and-coming girl group from Ealing who love blending three-part harmonies and acoustic instruments to create a unique sound.

The gentle touch keeping premature babies alive

Ealing Times:

1:03pm Wednesday 10th September 2014

THE neonatal unit is one of the quietest places in a hospital, caring for premature babies until they are well enough to go home.

Starlite: Is this the end for music venue that helped launch Bowie and Cream?

Ealing Times:

12:41pm Wednesday 10th September 2014

A MUSIC venue that hosted early concerts from Pink Floyd, David Bowie and Cream is to be demolished and turned into flats.

Luxury rural getaway at Ox Hall Pasture, Yorkshire

Ealing Times:

8:40am Thursday 4th September 2014

STEPPING out of the taxi, the first thing that hits me – other than the view of Ox Pasture Hall’s charming façade and the seemingly endless rolling hills beyond is the fresh country aroma.

Tangled emotions between dying father and his son explored in 'Ealing' play at Edinburgh Fringe

Ealing Times:

5:18pm Thursday 7th August 2014

TALKING about death is something we Britons don’t really do.

Big day for cycling couple - a wedding to (briefly) interrupt RideLondon

Ealing Times:

11:39am Wednesday 6th August 2014

FORGET the big white dress and suit, a fun-loving couple will be in Lycra and bike shoes for their big day after opting to get married in the middle of Britain’s biggest cycling festival.

Review: Mehfil Restaurant, The Green, Southall

Ealing Times:

9:29am Wednesday 23rd July 2014

EVERY Londoner thinks he or she knows the best Indian restaurant in the capital.

Goats and babies - a Hillingdon midwife in Africa

Ealing Times:

8:42am Monday 21st July 2014

HOSPITAL visitors come in all shapes and sizes, but Gillian Pearce had to look twice when a goat wandered through the maternity ward of an African hospital.

New online app could help future of chronic sufferers, like Fergus, 10, from Ealing

Ealing Times:

8:27am Sunday 20th July 2014

EVER felt lethargic after a day in the sun, or after a heavy cold? Imagine feeling like that while suffering with a life-long illness. Some people do, like ten-year-old Fergus.

Clothes designer who explores children's imaginations for her ideas

Ealing Times:

8:25am Tuesday 8th July 2014

AN acclaimed children’s clothes designer has taken the fashion world by storm with her original and ethical designs.

Book Review: Prescription for Disaster: the funny side of falling apart, by Candace Lafleur

Ealing Times:

10:44pm Monday 7th July 2014

THIS is a comic look at chronic disease, written by the sufferer herself, which shows readers how to see the lighter side of a serious subject.

Introducing the magical princesses who save you a trip to Disneyland

Ealing Times: In character: Becky, right, with partner Poppy

6:54am Monday 30th June 2014

IT’S every little girl’s dream to dress, act and feel like a princess.

I've lost my fear of salt - at Angela Malik's specialist cookery classes

Ealing Times: Layers of taste: Angela Malik

7:11am Saturday 14th June 2014

COOKING Asian food at home always seems to have something missing: a taste, a flavour, an ingredient, something that doesn’t quite replicate the real thing.

Church minister takes to road in aid of homeless

Ealing Times: Big race day: the Lloyds Bank Cardiff Half is on October 5 this year

5:45am Wednesday 11th June 2014

A CLERGYMAN insists he will be driven on to finish this year’s Lloyds Bank Cardiff Half Marathon by the aim of raising awareness of the issue of homelessness.

Big Lunch brings people together in town centre

Ealing Times: Lunch is served: Fletham organisers with the Mayor of Hounslow

8:16am Thursday 5th June 2014

UNITING the community and putting people in touch. That’s what organisers of a summer feast of food and fun in Feltham hope last Sunday’s Big Lunch will achieve in helping revolutionise the town.

Meet the hospital team who specialise in afterlife care

Ealing Times: In good hands: pathology team Jo Stokes and Veronica Kourtellaris

10:24pm Sunday 1st June 2014

“MY husband is squeamish so he doesn’t usually ask how my day went,” says Veronica Kourtellaris, who works in Hillingdon Hospital’s mortuary.

Letter to the Editor: Will Ealing Council join fight against a third runway?

Ealing Times: Letter to the Editor: Will Ealing Council join fight against a third runway?

8:57am Friday 14th March 2014

IT has been little reported in the national media that the EU Commission are taking legal action against the UK over air pollution.

Cash bonus for group that goes on supporting domestic violence victims

Ealing Times: Cash bonus for group that goes on supporting domestic vilence victims

8:42am Tuesday 11th February 2014

REFUGE, the country's largest provider of support to women and children escaping domestic violence, is to get a cash boost.

Dementia helpline celebrates £3,000 Lloyds windfall

Ealing Times: Expanding: Dementia UK aims to extend its nursing helpline to five days a week

3:01pm Thursday 30th January 2014

A CHARITY that works to improve the lives of people affected by dementia will move a step closer to expanding its national helpline after receiving a windfall.

Community fund cash will help Momentum expand its work for cancer sufferers

Ealing Times: Community fund cash will help Momentum expand its work for cancer sufferers

1:47pm Monday 27th January 2014

A CHARITY which supports children with cancer and life-limiting conditions can continue offering welcome breaks to families after receiving a large cash grant.

Rebecca and friends are bursting to make a difference in their commnity

Ealing Times: Inspired: Rebecca and schoolfriends

5:04pm Wednesday 30th October 2013

PUPILS at Burntwood Academy are ensuring the London 2012 legacy lives on after rubbing shoulders with an Olympic and Paralympic champion.

Community fund cash helps change lives of young black men

Ealing Times: In the bank: Valuable funds for the Reach Society

4:47pm Wednesday 30th October 2013

A SOCIAL enterprise that aims to transform the lives of young black men by providing them with positive role models has reached hundreds more people by putting a cash donation from a leading bank to good use.

The modest Mr Palmer: a profile by Simon Collins

Ealing Times: The master: Ealing's Tony Palmer has made more than 100 remarkable films

8:52am Thursday 4th July 2013

HAD you met Ken Russell at a bus stop, you would remember the encounter for the rest of your life. Or, if stuck in a lift with Jonathan Miller, the conversation would echo for years.

The dancing years: has anything changed since I took my first steps?

Ealing Times: The dancing years: has anything changed since I took my first steps?

8:23am Saturday 24th November 2012

DEDICATION, commitment, time and perseverance are just some of the qualities needed to succeed.

'Hidden' family practice that terrorises young girls in Ealing community

Ealing Times: Laws are tightening, but the practice of female circumcision is still continuing

10:13am Wednesday 14th November 2012

A CHILD screams. Pain, isolation, terror, torture. The seven-year-old’s cries shatter against the cold, hard walls of a secluded room. The stench of blood and scorched flesh fills the air. The restraints tighten and rub her skin raw.

Hillingdon families reassured: adoption can be a two-way loving bond

Ealing Times: Hillingdon families reassured: adoption can be a two-way loving bond

9:28pm Sunday 11th November 2012

“FOR children to find a stable, loving home in which they can grow up and feel a part of is the way in which they recover from the things that have happened to them in the past. It’s the way in which they will turn into adults that can make their way in the world, level and equal with all the other children that turn into adults.”

Hillingdon crackdown on fraud balanced by need to make genuine claimants more aware of benefits

Ealing Times: Hillingdon crackdown on fraud balanced by need to make genuine claimants more aware of benefits

12:40pm Friday 9th November 2012

A CRACKDOWN on benefit fraud is taking place in Hillingdon this month.

From Ruislip Woods to a life of service in remote Thailand - it's what keeps Chiko buzzing

Ealing Times: Friends: Chiko qith one of the resident dogs, Three Legs

10:54am Friday 9th November 2012

“IT really puts things into perspective, though I guess that can sometimes be a bad thing, making you realise how mundane and pointless everyday life is."

Weight of expectation on university students

Ealing Times: St Mary's: popular destination for borough students

8:29pm Friday 2nd November 2012

ST MARY’S University College still provides good value for money for students despite a hike in tuition fees, according to the president of the students union.

Hypnotherapy: could this be the answer for smokers this Stoptober?

Ealing Times: Hypnotherapy: could this be the answer for smokers this Stoptober?

8:31am Thursday 25th October 2012

THOUSANDS of smokers across the country are hoping to transform this October into Stoptober by rising to a Government-backed challenge to go without cigarettes for 28 days.

Reach Society awarded £5,000 to help work with black community

Ealing Times: Inspirational: the Reach Society

8:32pm Thursday 18th October 2012

VOLUNTEERS trying to inspire young black men to fulfil their potential are celebrating after winning thousands of pounds to continue their work in and around London.

Acupuncture - now I get the point of it!

Ealing Times: Relaxing: Corinna stretching out at the new Uxbridge Community Acupuncture centre

3:41pm Sunday 2nd September 2012

AS I survey the numerous needles protruding out of various parts of my legs, arms and feet, not forgetting the one sprouting from the top of my forehead, I wonder what to expect next.

Capital's wealthiest still looking for upturn in fortune

Ealing Times: Capital's wealthiest still looking for upturn in fortune

6:22am Tuesday 20th March 2012

MORE than 70 per cent of London's millionaires have seen no improvement in their finances in the last 12 months - and they aren't expecting that statistic to change any time soon.

Diana, 99, selected as Britain's oldest Olympic Torchbearer

Ealing Times: Diana Gould: chosen to carry the Torch

9:34am Monday 19th March 2012

DIANA GOULD already has the party of a lifetime to look forward to this year, but she’s just been invited to an even bigger one – the Olympic Torch Relay.

Lesley and friends heading to Olympics closing ceremony

Ealing Times: Lesley Hart: ticket to the Games

11:58am Thursday 2nd February 2012

CHARITY worker Lesley Hart is used to directing her own productions, but she will admire the work of others this summer after winning tickets to the London 2012 Olympics closing ceremony.

Adoption league tables disguise progress made in Hillingdon

Ealing Times: Doption league tables disguise progress made in Hillingdon

12:13pm Sunday 18th December 2011

JUST before National Adoption Awareness Week in November, shocking news emerged that there had been a sharp decline in the number of children adopted in the UK in recent years.

My best present ever: your memories of that gift which meant more than anything to you

Ealing Times: The stabilisers were off my new bike on the first day

11:22am Saturday 17th December 2011

THE box was huge. At barely 4ft, I struggled to see over the delicate pink bow sitting flawlessly on top.

Lost in cyberspace - and loving every minute of it!

Ealing Times: My generation: why we love our Smart lives

12:31pm Thursday 15th December 2011

“WHAT have you done that for?” “How are you going to survive?!”

CouchSurfing aims to bring the world together - on a sofa near you!

Ealing Times: Congratulations to Leigh-Anne and Little Mix - the X-Factor winners!

5:42am Wednesday 14th December 2011

OUR sat-nav directs us down a palm tree-laden Californian suburban street, where we pull up outside a stunning ‘living the American dream’ house. We are definitely a long way from Ealing.

Remember, remember the gist of Movember

Ealing Times: Star appeal: Shaun Derry and Joey Barton of QPR

12:59pm Friday 2nd December 2011

AS a young Mediterranean woman, I am no stranger to the moustache.

Christmas events in Ealing: your early-season guide

Ealing Times: Christmas events in Ealing: your early-season guide

5:38pm Friday 25th November 2011

EALING is getting in to the Christmas spirit, with December just around the corner.

Central Middlesex A&E to close at night

10:30am Thursday 17th November 2011

A SHORTAGE of doctors at Central Middlesex Hospital in Acton Lane means its A&E department will not open from 7pm to 8am from this week and for the foreseeable future.

Remember the name: 12 Dirty Bullets are Hillingdon's own

Ealing Times: Remembering his roots: Jamie Jamieson

4:43pm Friday 7th October 2011

THE band 12 Dirty Bullets are putting Hillingdon on the musical map as they steamroll through their second US tour.

Camogie girls in sight of glory for Greenford

Ealing Times: Blue is the colour: Tara's champion players

10:10am Thursday 29th September 2011

GREENFORD’S Tara Camogie Club are close to being crowned champions of the senior London Camogie League for the third year in a row.

Sights and sounds of traditional Poland come to Ealing

Ealing Times: Some of Mazury's senior group on tour in Poland

12:05pm Friday 23rd September 2011

EALING TOWN HALL is the new home of the largest and longest established Polish Folk Dance Group in the UK.

Hillingdon youngsters thanked by Kenyan charity worker

Ealing Times: Flying the flag: Victor Mutumah

8:03pm Friday 16th September 2011

HILLINGDON children were visited by a volunteer from Nairobi's Mukuru Promotion Centre charity this week.

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