A HAYES man who killed his mother and then calmly walked to the police station to confess was today sentenced to life imprisonment.

Majid Butt, 51, of Gade Close, had pleaded guilty to murder last weej and was sentenced at the Old Bailey to serve a minimum of 15 years and 10 months.

The court heard how Butt had walked from his home into Hayes police station at around on Sunday, May 13, to admit to the killing at the address where they both lived.

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They found the body of 71-year-old Onees Khatoon, who had been strangled with an electrical cable.

Butt told police he had an argument with his mother and she threatened to throw him out of the house.

Det Chief Insp Noel McHugh said: "This is a tragic case for everyone connected with the family. Onees had limited mobility due to a number of quite serious health issues including heart problems and diabetes.

"Distressingly, the person she raised and who was supposed to be taking care of her in old age has turned on her with fatal consequences. She was in no position to defend herself.”