United lost the 1st leg of the National Semi final playoffs away to Reading on Thursday night 73-86.

Now needing to win by more than 13 at home on the 16th April at 3pm they have a tough task to complete if they are to progress to the National Finals.

United started brightly in the first quarter with Mantia Callender scoring inside at will and with Damian Reid backing him up by dominating the rebounding.United took a 2nd quarter lead of 10 points with only 2 minutes remaining in the half as they proceeded to turn the ball over on 4 occasions to give up the lead at the half by one point at 42-43.

In the second half Reading stepped up their defence and made it difficult for the London guards to get the ball into the low post as they also made easier attempts for themselves on offence, scoring layups on the fast break.

By the last quarter United were struggling and found themselves 20 points down and it took some real effort to get the game back to a more manageable 13 point loss.

This now means London must win by at least 14 points to go through to the finals.

Londons top scorers were Mantia Callender 21, Damian Reid 14 and Steve Vear 10.

Tickets will be available on the door for the exciting home encounter on the Saturday 16th April at Brunel Uxbridge tip off at 3pm.

Tickets are available on the door, see the web site for more information www.london-united.co.uk