SNOOKER star Quinten Hann has based himself in Ealing so that he can make a serious assault on the game's top trophies.

The controversial Australian, who is ranked 14 in the world, told the Ealing Times that he made the move because he wanted to establish himself among snooker's elite.

He said: "Up until now I've just been playing part-time, practising twice a month. I knew that I was never going to progress much further than 14th so I moved here to see if I can try to improve."

Hann decided to make the transition after beating John Parrott in the third round of the Embassy World Championship last year a win that sealed his place inside the top 16 and he settled here in September.

He had a friend in the borough and was suitably impressed with the tables at Ealing Snooker Club.

Hann has been no stranger to controversy since he turned professional in 1995. The 26-year-old is renowned for losing his temper when the going gets tough.

In a match with Ken Doherty at the Scottish Regal, he punched the table several times and smacked a bench in the media centre with his cue extension.

But he says that fans can expect to see a new Quinten Hann.

He said: "In the past nobody understood why I was doing what I was doing. When I first moved away from Australia I started resenting snooker because it was the reason I was away from home.

"I was just playing for the money. That's what made me unhappy and it took a long time. I had massive negative issues and I used to dread having to leave Australia."

Hann says that he is now much more settled but he does still has one problem with trading Melbourne for Ealing.

"The weather is the one thing I miss. The people are really nice but its a bit cold for me."

Hann is taking part in The Masters at the Wembley Arena next week and faces former world champion Peter Ebdon in the first round on Wednesday.

He said: "It's not the hardest game and it's not the easiest. I've played him quite a few times. He always plays hard and I know what to expect."

The Australian is yet to make it past the quarter-finals of a ranking tournament in a career that has been hampered by injury.

But he is now back to full fitness and is ready to challenge for the game's top honours.

He said: "You can reach the top of any sport but it's going to take time."