Harlequins prop Will Collier has been showing his support to the NHS by giving out sausage and bacon sandwiches to nurses and doctors. 

The Jelly Hog, a mobile food company which Collier partly owns along with three Bristolian brothers, headed to Southmead Hospital to do their bit and show their appreciation to hospital workers during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Collier was unable to personally go to Southmead with the company due to him living in Putney but shared his appreciation of being a part of the project.  

“It’s been pretty amazing,” the 28-year-old told Mirror Sport. 

“Unfortunately I haven’t been able to be there and help out 

“But we thought ‘what shall we do’ so we went down to Southmead hospital and handed out bacon and sausage baps to those starting morning shifts.

“It was amazing, I was keeping tabs on it from Putney, but there was a massive queue of about 200 metres and we served around 500 or 600 people. Just simple sausage or bacon sandwiches, but it’s amazing how far a gesture like that goes.

“It was inspiring and made me really proud to be part of the company. I wish I could’ve been there to help out. We’ve done it a couple of times and we want to make it a weekly thing.

“We are all about being local and supporting the community, I’m sort of an honorary Bristolian by being involved in the Jolly Hog.”