Jack Clifford has stated the Harlequins squad is using their time off to better themselves away from the field as they need to be ready for when the season resumes. 


Paul Gustard's men have been training from home for the past month after the coronavirus pandemic brought a halt to the season, but the 27-year-old believes now is a time for players to step up and take responsibility for their regimes. 


“Toby Freeman has been out there tackling trees but you cannot really go out and do things,” Clifford told Quins official website. 


“You can get a ball and do some skill sessions but I do not think rugby is going to be a job where you can work from home where the work from home ethos in other jobs where you can. 


“I wake up, go to the gym, do cardio and weights and then I go study. The whole creating a routine, having things given to us at Quins where you have to be somewhere at a certain time I have created my own to help me get through this.


“Everyone is doing something. There might be an occasional lad who is using this time to play PlayStation but everyone in the squad is doing something to better themselves and get rid of the boredom of staying at home all the time. 


“The onus is now on us to look after ourselves and put ourselves in the best position so when we do come back we can play."


Clifford explained the current break is nothing new to him as he has experienced time away as a result of his injuries, one of which he still receiving support for during this time. 


“It is like being injured, so yeah I am pretty used to it. I have been doing my rehab over FaceTime.


“I am pretty lucky to have a gym so I can put the work in to get my shoulder sorted. It could be a blessing in the disguise if it means it stays together a bit longer."