Liam Kelly has told QPR fans they are yet to see the best of him in a Rangers jersey as he hopes the season is brought to a natural end so he can continue to prove himself. 

The goalkeeper has been in competition with Joe Lumley for the No.1 jersey at Loftus Road this season and it is fair to say it has not gone to plan for the Scotsman, with QPR conceding 58 goals. 

However, the Rs were on a six-game unbeaten run prior to the season being postponed as a result of the coronavirus and Kelly played a vital role between the sticks. 

“Ideally I want to try and bring an end to this season,” Kelly told QPR’s official website.  

“Not just because we were on a good run of form, but it would be nice to have a conclusion. 

“Because then you have people saying ‘did you really win it, or did you really get relegated?'.

"If it means us just not training and we just play, play, play it would make sense for me as a goalie because I am not doing the running!” 

“It is very difficult times. I am back up home with my Mum and Dad so I am being treated like Harry Potter with a cupboard under the stairs. 

“Usually, I only come home for a day or two but it is looking like a few months now. I am happy to be healthy and if it means I have to sleep in a cupboard under the stairs to have the football back then so be it.”

The stopper then reflected on his current season for QPR and had an honest evaluation of himself - one he is trying to change when football resumes. 

“I have not played my best yet in a QPR shirt and I would be telling absolute lies if I said I had been,” he explained frankly. 

“I know there is a lot more to give and hopefully the more games come and the more games I get then the fans will hopefully see that. 

“I have got better with games, and I feel more settled now than I ever have done previously and I am looking forward to seeing what level I can get to now I have a nice run in the team.

"I am well aware that I have to keep pulling well to keep my place in the team as there is some good competition.”