Mark Warburton reassured fans that he and the QPR backroom staff are working collectively to ensure players stay on top of their time in lockdown. 


Rangers have not trained for three weeks as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, with all football suspended before the government enforced a national lockdown. 


Despite the unforeseen circumstances, boss Warburton ensured fans via a Zoom video chat with the club’s head of media and communications, Paul Morrissey, that he and his staff are still keeping on top of the situation.


“It challenging, we are in unprecedented times,” Warburton explained. 


“Making right and wrong decisions – all you can do is rely on experience from yourself, the doctor and the staff. You have to trust people. But then you have to make the right decision to the players, who in turn, will be very confused by this all. 


“You are taking professional athletes who are used to daily training regimes and they suddenly find themselves at home under lockdown and how they deal with that with the worry of trying to maintain specific levels of fitness.”


Ensuring players uphold fitness levels is a key part of Warburton’s role but the manager believes it is the mental part of the challenge that is more important during this time of change. 


“We have to reduce that worrying concern for the individual players and staff as best we can,” he added. 


“Communication is key. You have to make sure they do not feel isolated. You have to brief them on the work that needs to take place in terms of their diet and nutrition, work periods and the work they are actually doing. 


“We are making sure we have regular constructive conversations with the players. I do not want five calls on one day then nothing for a week. 


“I want a clear rota of calls whereby the coaching staff will take seven or eight players each then two days later the medical team will check-in, the sports science team then follow in. For example, they had a time trial on a run and the data comes back in and the team can see where they are.”