RUSSELL Bryant is a 28-year-old electrician, originally from Sydney, now living in Ealing  - and a netball player.

“Back in 2015, I moved to London on a bit of a whim. Four years later, I'm still here,” he said.

“Mixed netball is the first team sport I've got involved in since arriving.

"Back home, netball wasn't really on my radar. It was more footy (Aussie Rules), rugby league and soccer, but, since starting to play netball, it's fair to say I've become hooked!

“I have my housemate to thank. I'd got to a point where, Monday to Friday, I had nothing going on outside of work.

“Every day I was at a bit of loose end. I needed something to occupy my time and she encouraged me to give netball a go. It was the perfect solution.

“It gets me out every Tuesday (and Thursday if I want to fill in for another team). I've met heaps of new people and I'm keeping fit. I've now been playing for two seasons and I love it.

“I didn’t realise how competitive the game was before I started playing.”

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Kishor Sharma, originally from New Zealand, also lives in the Ealing area.

He said: “I started some time ago playing indoor netball (nets) with a work team.

"I really enjoyed it, so a couple of years ago I did some research and found out that Action Netball ran a mixed league in Acton on a Tuesday and Thursday evening and I haven't looked back.”

His team can often be found in the Chatsworth on a Tuesday or Thursday evening, nursing a pint after the game, be it in celebration or consolation!

Kishor added: “It's a great game. I can be a high intensity work-out and is a definite test of skill.

"The speed and positioning required is challenging but something guys often excel at, especially those that have previously played football.

“The anticipation of where the ball will be played, key for making interceptions, is a transferable skill across the two sports.”

Action Netball runs mixed leagues (alongside the ladies leagues) on a Tuesday and Thursday evening at Reynolds Sports Centre in Acton High School, Gunnersbury, with social and competitive grades.