Ealing Hospital is one of the only trusts in North West London to have met its waiting list reduction target.

The latest year-end reports show Ealing Hospital has reduced in-patient and day-case lists from 3,009 in March last year, to 2,677 in March this year, 124 fewer than the government target set for the Trust.

It has now been told it does not have to reduce numbers any further in the next year, but keep the number steady, though no patients should be waiting more than 18 months for elective treatment.

But out-patients did not fare so well, and in the final quarter of 1999, the number of day cases waiting more than 13 weeks rose by more than 100, instead of meeting its target reduction of 49 cases.

The Trust will now have to reduce out-patient waiting times by an increased 296 cases during the next year.

Other north west London Trusts are:

æNorth West London Hospitals NHS Trusts missed its in-patient and day-case reduction of 36 by 43, in fact marginally lengthening the list.

æHillingdon Hospital also missed its in-patient and day-case targets, which, on a very healthy position of having a waiting list of only 76 patients, was challenged to not let that then rise to above 134.

It ended the year on 166.