Voters will face a potentially bewildering array of choices when they turn up to cast their vote on May 4.

For this the first London-wide elections, they will have to pick their way through a huge ballot form and make four selections for who they want to represent them for the next four years.

The first choice will be for Mayor and then voters are required to cast a vote for their second choice for Mayor.

Then there is the selection between Singh, Barnes, Cox, Lee and Grant for who is to represent Ealing and Hillingdon and, finally, voters have to choose someone for the London-wide assembly without a constituency.

Polling is on May 4, but if anyone is unable to make it to a polling booth on that date, Ealing Council Town Hall will be open to voters between 7am and 9pm on April 27, 28 and 29.

Ealing will boast 180 polling stations in 122 locations around the borough. As usual, schools, libraries, scout huts and a variety of other places will, for the day, do service.

If anyone has any queries call the Elections Office on 020 8758 5731.