Motorists in Ealing are being unfairly targeted according to angry residents who want to warn other road users.

Clive Hillier, 61, is accusing Ealing Council of being unclear with its yellow box junction on the main Uxbridge Road at the junction of The Broadway and Herbert Road.

Mr Hillier claims the junction is unclear and simply a trap by the Council in order to make money.

“It is unfair and causing me a lot of grief,” he said.

“It virtually amounts to entrapment and is exploitation of the motorist.”

Mr Hillier’s wife, who is a learner driver, was caught in the yellow box junction and received a £65 fine.

He has also heard from many of his work colleagues who have unwittingly fallen victim to the same box junction.

He believes there is insufficient warning of both the yellow box junction and the camera which is poised in the air to catch motorists.

He does not see this as being consistent with other traffic penalties, such as speeding fines and parking tickets, which give motorists plenty of notification and can be easily adhered to.

“It is a badly lit area and the traffic is horrendous which means one minute you can be doing 30 miles per hour and then come to an unexpected stop, without time to adjust where your car is.

“It is impossible to know when the driver in front of you is going to stop.

“I do not park on resident only spaces or speed past cameras, the warnings for those are clear and it is reasonable not to get caught. But I cannot say the same about the yellow box junctions.”

Unlike speeding or parking fines he does not think that motorists deliberately break road laws by blocking yellow box junctions.

“Unless you knew where it was you could easily pass it without knowing it is there as there are no warning signs.”

Box junctions are a contentious issue across London.

A yellow box at Northcote Road and Battersea Rise in Wandsworth became notorious after it was revealed that transport officials knew drivers would struggle to understand rules at the junction.

In the last year more than 9,000 drivers have been photographed trapped in the yellow box there, receiving fines of £120 each and generating income of £1.1 million.

Like Mr Hillier, many drivers complained that buses and lorries block the road making it worse and felt they had been unfairly penalised.

Paul Pearson from campaign group Penalty Charge Notice said: "Despite what TfL says, motorists do find it difficult to see and this is wrong. They are raking in a fortune when some motorists are confused."

An Ealing Council spokesperson said: "Box junctions are necessary to ensure the smooth flow of traffic.

“The junction of Uxbridge Road and Herbert Road is a busy junction, with a heavy flow of traffic throughout the day."

The council added that motorists who wish to appeal, can follow the process as detailed on their PCN or contact the council's customer service number 020 8825 5000.

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