ANGRY Persis Tamboly has called for parking meters to be changed after she received her fifth fine in two months despite paying the full parking charge.

Ms Tamboly, 40, an acupuncturist from Hillingdon, got the ticket at 4.58pm, on November 1, in Valetta Road, Acton.

Time rules on the machines mean that drivers can only pay £3 at a time and must return to top up machines.

But because Ms Tamboly topped up a few minutes before her first time period ran out, the ticket expired six minutes early, leaving her unprotected despite having paid the full amount.

Ms Tamboly said: "I want them to change the machines. I'm not going to pay this ticket it is the fifth time in two months. I have meetings so I can't always do it at exactly two o'clock when I have to put the second amount in."

The ticket machines issue tickets from the time money is deposited, rather than based on the amount of money put in them.

This means that although Ms Tamboly had paid to be covered until 5pm when the pay and display period ends, there is a time window of opportunity when she says traffic attendants are free to pounce on unsuspecting motorists.

Ms Tamboly said: "I wrote them two letters which I have not had a response to and I think they are ignoring the issue because it makes them money."

A council spokesman said: "We are looking into the complaint and will be investigating it. We will send a full response in writing once that is done." The council said, however, they had no plans at this time to change the way the ticket machines operate.