ONE of Ealing's leading agents has welcomed the latest proposals to tackle the rogues that let down the good guys.

By introducing an approved independent self-regulation scheme, the Government hopes to starve out "unprofessional, uncaring estate agents" and set a uniform standard of practice throughout the industry.

Simon Agace, boss of the Winkworth chain says it's an encouraging first step. "However I would like to see it taken further with the compulsory enforcement of professional training.

"A practising certificate whereby all agents either attend regular approved training courses for their continuing professional development or are suspended from practising could be implemented within the industry without Government funding. This could be enforced quite simply with annual certification checks which would fit in with random checks already carried out by the Ombudsman (among firms, like Winkworth, that are members of the Ombudsman for Estate Agents Scheme)."

The agency chief adds: "Most major firms, affinity groups and franchises support such training and development. Low cost training is achievable and there is no reason why single branch businesses or small multiples should not use the mainy independent trainers available and follow this example."