RESIDENTS could be paying more money to park outside their homes if proposals made by the council come into effect.

Ealing Council produced a report last month that proposed to increase controlled parking zone (CPZ) permits by more than 100 per cent for some residents.

The report gave two options for increasing CPZ charges the first was to increase short-hour CPZs in commuter areas from £25 to £55, while longer-hour CPZ charges would increase from £40 to £55.

The second option involved short-hour permits increasing from £25 to £35, and long-hour CPZs increasing from £35 to £60.

Parking permits for doctors and vets would increase from £250 to £350, and service vouchers would increase from £1 an hour to £1.50.

"The report was issued to councillors shortly before the council's cabinet meeting on July 26 but was withdrawn from the meeting's agenda at the last minute."

Cllrr Jason Stacey, leader of the opposition, opposed the proposals.

He said: "The parking account made a profit of £5.4 M in 2004/05 allowing the council to spend motorists' money on projects that used to come out of council tax.

That means residents who buy CPZ permits are already subsidising council spending, and there is no excuse to squeeze even more money out of Ealing motorists.

He added: "To suddenly force an increase in the order of 50 per cent or 100 per cent is outrageous, and smacks of a cash-strapped council looking for easy ways to raise more revenue."

However, the council has confirmed that the reason why the report was not discussed at the meeting wasbecause the proposals need further consideration.

A spokesman for the council said: "This was a council report written by council officers with a range of recommendations.

"The report was subsequently withdrawn as it was felt the recommendations needed further consideration.

"There are no plans to implement these recommendations."