TWO new speed cameras became active in Ealing last week. The cameras were put up in Northfields Avenue on Friday by the London Safety Camera Partnership (LSCP) to try and reduce the number of accidents on the road.

Tom Duckham, project manager for the LSCP, said: "Research shows that speed is a contributory factor in almost one-in-three fatal crashes.

He added: "Safety cameras have a proven track record in reducing casualties on London's roads.

"The camera partnership has overseen a 40 per cent reduction in the number of people killed and injured at recently installed camera sites."

Accident figures show that Northfields Avenue has seen some 35 collisions in the past three years, with seven people killed or seriously injured.

Fixed cameras are located where four or more fatal or serious injury collisions have occurred in the last three years.

The cameras are part of an on-going campaign to reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured on London's roads.

Their arrival follows the installation of two new speed cameras in Southall Broadway, by Ranelagh Road, and Lady Margaret Road by Denbigh Road, in Greenford, at the beginning of June.

Figures reveal that the number of people killed and seriously injured in Ealing each year has reduced from 287 in 2000 to 147 in 2004.

Figures also show that those slightly injured from 1,614 to 1,264.

How do these new speed cameras affect you?

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