UNHAPPY residents are dreading another summer of sleepless nights as organisers lay plans for the 2002 Summer Festival.

In planning for the festival, which begins on July 20 and will cost £50,300, Ealing Council will take note of feedback from residents in Mattock Lane, Ealing, on last year's event. As many as 60,000 revellers flocked to various pubs and parks in July and August 2001, including Walpole Park, Mattock Lane.

Mr Jennings, who lived in Mattock Lane at the time and has now moved to Devonshire Road, Northfields, said: "Events were scheduled for almost every day midweek and at weekends. Noise levels were too high and concerts could be clearly heard in our living room, even above the television. We couldn't escape the vocals in any room in our flat."

Mr Jennings, who compiled a questionnaire, answered by householders in three roads around the park, continued: "My wife and I return home from work around 6.30pm and need to retire by 10.30pm. The concerts started at 6.15pm and ended after 11pm. The duration and intensity of the programme has to be reduced."

The 35-year-old marketing manager's misery was worsened when he tried to complain about the noise to the council. He said: "Complaining to the noise pollution team was of no use since it does not operate outside office hours. They were therefore not around to answer complaints or take noise readings the concerts seemed to be totally unregulated for noise levels."

A spokeswoman for the council said: "We always consult with as many different types of residents and businesses as we can in Ealing before staging large outdoor festivals.

"We will be taking these comments on board and using them to have another look at the layout of this year's summer festival."

The 2002 Ealing Summer Festival runs until August 11. It will feature comedy, jazz, classical orchestras, blues and roots music and an international food fair.