IF you are not already aware, you will be horrified to find out that British horses and ponies could once again be exported live from the UK to face a long, uncertain journey to their death in Europe. We must act now to stop it.

A British law that has prevented our ponies from being exported alive for slaughter for over 67 years looks as though it could well be lost, just because it isn't currently included in the proposal for a new EU regulation on the transport of animals.

I am supporting the International League for the Protection of Horses (ILPH), "Say No to Live Exports" campaign to pressurise the Government and the European Parliament to stop the resumption of the live traffic.If you have not supported the ILPH campaign before, but would like to do so now, please call 0870 366 6910 and leave your name and address on the recorded message. Alternatively go to www.ilph.org where you will be able to download a sample letter you can send to your MP, and sign the online petition too.

Mrs P R Fuchowska, Chairman, Perivale Residents' Society, Dawlish Avenue, Perivale