Recent events have certainly brought home to us all the evil and wickedness in the world.

Despite the efforts of many well-meaning people, it seems that many of the problems facing society are insurmountable.

Not only do we have the threat of war and terrorism, but also environmental destruction, rising crime and the break-up of family life.

It was reported that, following the events of September 11, there was a small religious revival with church attendance and sales of Bibles increasing.

But I wonder whether this has continued? How often are those Bibles opened now that the initial fear has subsided?

There is no doubt the Bible is difficult to read, but it offers hope and comfort, and above all a hope for the future when all the problems of today will be solved.

For several years I have used the 'Bible Companion', a set of reading tables which enable me to read the entire Bible in a year.

I would be happy to send a copy, free of charge, to any readers who would like one so that they may experience themselves the joy, happiness and hope for a brighter future which the Bible offers.

Richard Benson

York Road