THE trust which runs Ealing Hospital has teamed with Chelsea FC to provide better support for stroke survivors.

The majority of stroke victims are left to look after themselves once they leave hospital, despite often coming close to permanent disability or death.

“It is really frightening to be given a leaflet, some medicine and be sent home to fend for yourself,” said Nathan Powell who suffered a stroke during a business meeting.

“I was so anxious about it happening again, it felt like walking on eggshells.” 

In response, London North West University Healthcare is running a free 12-week programme offering patients weekly two-hour sessions offering practical advice and support.

The secondary prevention programme, funded by NHS England, combines exercise with educational classes to support patients who may not be receiving support from the health service. 

Sophie Kempsford, Clinical Specialist Therapist (Stroke) and project lead, said: “The programme is all about empowering the participants and giving them the confidence to implement a healthy lifestyle.

“We provide evidence-based education to improve their understanding of stroke and its risk factors. We give them the tools to help them improve their diet, level of activity and mental and physical health.” 

Nathan added: “I enjoyed the classes and found them useful. The exercise classes gave me the confidence to start pushing myself under expert guidance, while the educational classes helped fill in a lot of gaps.” 

Activities, jointly run by hospital staff and Chelsea FC Foundation, include football, circuits, tai chi, mindfulness, breathing exercises and yoga.

Educational classes include manging anxiety, confidence, healthy eating and spotting the early warning signs of stroke. 

To sign up, contact Sophie on or Chelsea FC Foundation