EALING-based Notting Hill & Ealing Junior School hosted its first eco summit and welcomed more than 90 students from eight primary schools.

Students were divided into mixed groups for sustainability workshops before taking part in a forum discussing ways to combat climate change.

"Having the opportunity to bring together our local community, to share our knowledge and ideas surrounding climate action, has been the highlight of my year,” said Ashleigh Cassar, NHEHS’s Environment and Sustainability Lead, who organised the summit.

“The girls and boys of Ealing have truly shown they are an inspiration for our future and I am excited to see where they go next."

Joining NHEHS girls were pupils and staff from Durston House, Edward Betham CofE, Stanhope, Selborne, North Ealing, Oaklands, Derwentwater and Holy Family Catholic primary schools.

In the gardening workshop, pupils learnt how to increase biodiversity within schools and what to plant each season.

Next, wearing VR headsets, they were immersed in different environments to compare Arctic, savanna, deserts, rainforests and oceans.

In the drama workshop, pupils portrayed future scenarios about single-use plastics in dramatic scenes.

Solar-powered robots were built in the STEM workshop and pupils discussed what the world would look like if everything was powered by renewable energy.

Digby Wheeler also spoke about the Ealing Beaver Project at Paradise Fields by Horsenden Hill, the UK’s first publicly-accessible urban beaver site.