American Ben Canute revealed he wants to ‘put on a good show’ in this Saturday’s T100 San Francisco Triathlon.  

The 31-year-old did not finish in the previous races of the T100 World Tour in Miami and Singapore, with the T100 San Francisco the third stage of a worldwide triathlon bonanza set to take off in London, Ibiza, Las Vegas and Dubai later this year.

The race in Northern California will take place in the iconic Escape from Alcatraz course, a setting Canute is intimately familiar with, having won four consecutive editions of that triathlon.

He said: ‘‘I’m super excited. I feel like the race is the reward for all the training I’ve done, and I feel like I have all the proof for how fast I can race and now it’s about just trying to show it off.  

‘‘I’m excited to test myself and on this course, it’ll be pretty special because of the successes I’ve had here and I love this course. The backdrop is epic and the course itself is super challenging on its own and it’ll make for some exciting racing whether you’re in the race or watching on TV.

‘‘I know all the bends and the corners and I can draw on some of the past experiences I’ve had on this course. I knew the weather, the roads and all the pre-race stuff and it all feels familiar which helps you settle in faster.’’

And despite the double disappointment of Miami and Singapore, Canute has taken it all in stride as he prepares to race on home soil this weekend.  

He added: ‘‘I feel like this is my first race of the season. I’ve had two other races that definitely did not go according to plan. They weren’t good by any measure, so I just went back to the training board and reworked my training to get back on track.

‘‘I’m back here now in San Francisco in Escape from Alcatraz, a race I’ve done well in the past and I’m ready go and throw down with the rest of the guys. Every race I go into I’m motivated to try and win it and compete against the best.

‘‘That’s what I want to do every time but I feel like I have a little bit more behind this race because I’ve been so many times.

‘‘I’ve been able to win Escape from Alcatraz so many times before and I just want to go off on Saturday, put on a good show, take some risks and go for the win.’’

Watch the world’s best triathletes compete in San Francisco T100 live on Saturday 8 June from 1345 UK on PTO+ or on Eurosport 1 from 10pm CEST.  For more information go to