Britain’s Emma Pallant-Browne is determined to make up for lost time during this Saturday’s T100 San Francisco Triathlon.  

The 35-year-old is yet to finish a race during the T100 World Tour, withdrawing from the Miami opener from heatstroke and missing out altogether on the second stage in Singapore.  

And with no points on the board so far during the World Tour, Pallant-Browne revealed her readiness for the action ahead of the third stage of the T100 in Northern California.  

She said: ‘‘It’s been really motivating in training; you know every session counts and especially sitting there and watching Singapore and seeing how strong those girls were.  

‘‘Not finishing a race is the hardest thing. If you finish a race and you have a bad one, you can still take a lot from it and you can work on your weaknesses. For me, a DNF is something that mentally I really struggle with.  

‘‘It was tough the couple of days after as I couldn’t just go straight back into training and push my body and prove to myself that I was strong. I had to let my body recover and build back up.  

‘‘It was mentally a challenge, but I’ve got an awesome team around me, a lot of people who believe in me, friends, families and sponsors, everyone was great and behind me.  

‘‘My husband Jaryd has done all the travel for me. He’s coming to the races. He’s put his career on the side this year to throw everything for this series. He’s sacrificed a lot, and he always remains so positive, never puts pressure on me and always builds me back up.’’  

The race in Miami was hardly Pallant-Browne's first brush with adversity, with injury putting pay to a promising running career in her younger years.  

Undeterred by the setback, the 35-year-old took up triathlon instead and has since flourished, with 30 half-distance podiums and 20 half-distance wins in her locker.

And Pallant-Browne revealed that her struggles have only served to make her stronger as she looks to get her World Tour in full swing this Saturday.  

She added: ‘‘I think it’s all part of the journey. I had a lot of success running when I was younger and when I started track, it felt like I was starting out again.  

‘‘I was suddenly in the back of the field when I was used to leading but I really enjoyed that challenge and how it would progress me as a person  

‘‘It’s easy to question what you do and when everything going wrong, and it being really hard but when you still can’t wait to get up the next morning and then push again, you know that you’re doing the right thing.  

‘‘It’s gonna be a hard race but a good one to push.’’  

Watch the world’s best triathletes compete in San Francisco T100 live on Saturday 8 June from 1345 UK on PTO+ or on Eurosport 1 from 10pm CEST.  For more information go to