A FAMILY from Acton is urging people to spread some sunshine on the longest day of the year next month.

They aim to raise money for a charity which granted their son a magical wish after he was born with serious illnesses that affect his everyday life.  

The Sandiford family, comprising 15-year-old Jamie, brother and sister Hugo and Maisie, mum Laura and partner Lewis are supporting this year’s Ray for a Day campaign on June 20.

The family were introduced to the charity by Jamie’s hospital team before the pandemic.

He was born with portal hypertension and absent radius syndrome, conditions which led to his limbs not forming typically. He has had surgery to try to tackle the condition.

Rays of Sunshine granted his wish for a signed Marcus Rashford shirt and some play equipment for his garden, but the relationship didn’t stop there.

Jamie is a part of the charity’s Wish Community, which offers time away from hospital and treatment at special events.

Most recently, he was invited to the 2023 Sidemen charity football match, where Rays of Sunshine was a beneficiary.

Jamie was so inspired by his football treat that he set himself a challenge to do 33,000 kick-ups in a month to raise funds.

This year, getting involved in Ray for a Day could involve a bake sale at work, a non-uniform day at school or a sports challenge.

Donations will be used to grant more magical wishes to children whose lives revolve around medicine, hospitals and doctors.

Amy Chambers, Director of Fundraising and Communications at Rays of Sunshine, said: “We hope Jamie’s story inspires people to join in the Ray for a Day fun.”