RAISING awareness about domestic abuse and creating a safe space for patients and staff were the priorities for Ludmila Ibesaine when she joined London North West Healthcare Trust as head of safeguarding in September.

The trust covers the boroughs of Ealing, Brent and Harrow.

Ludmila said: “Talking about and dealing with domestic abuse isn’t a taboo subject any more.

“We are in a privileged position to listen, believe and do something.

“We see more and more people being subjected to domestic abuse, we hear about it all over the news and celebrities are writing books about their own personal experiences.

“One in four women and one in six to seven men will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime.

“Research shows that most patients will not disclose violence, abuse or neglect unless directly asked.

“So, we need to ensure our staff are asking every patient, regardless of whether they show indications of abuse or not.”

She will be launching the first phase of an awareness campaign internally in July with funds provided by the LNWH Charity.

Expert speakers and a patient with personal experience will talk about how patient and staff awareness can be heightened.