“YOU want to sound like you are sitting in someone’s living room, talking to them,” says Brian Watkins suggesting the mellifluous tone to adopt as a newsreader with Ealing Talking Newspaper.

The talking newspaper, distributed free of charge to blind and visually impaired people, has struggled to find its voice since the pandemic and is looking for new volunteers to join its ranks.

Its temporary loss of focus matches the decline in local news reporting, where many community-based stories no longer appear.

Brian, who joined the talking newspaper more than 20 years ago and is the current chairman, said a new group of volunteers was needed to carry the work forward.

“A group of us used to meet once a week to read and record stories from the local newspaper,” he said.

“These were captured on tape and then mailed out to people, to listen to.

“It provides a source of local news for people who can’t read. It is local news that is interest to a lot of people.

Everyone likes to read but we also need people to take on the less glamorous but equally valuable role of backroom staff.

“I am 84 now and would like to eventually pass on the baton.”

ETN has moved with the times and listeners are now able to access recordings via the internet.

It has made more than 2,000 recordings since it started in 1980, shining a light on a borough with a colourful past involving the Rolling Stones, the North Korean Embassy and Ealing Film Studios.

For more details, contact Brian on brian-watkins@btconnect.com