Is it any wonder that in coffee shops and homes around the UK, parents are battling lunch and dinner times with their newborns when they won’t try the food themselves.  

New research has revealed over a third (34%) of parents admit to almost never trying their baby’s food, with the unappealing look emerging as a common theme.

Texture aversion stands out as a key factor behind this reluctance, with 58% of parents admitting their personal hang-ups influence their food choices for their baby.

What’s more, a staggering 1 in 3 (34%) parents confirm both texture and taste of baby food are reasons they avoid trying it altogether. Among younger parents aged 18-24, this figure rises to almost half (42%).

Sharing her insights into parenting and weaning, Hollyoaks star, Jessica Fox, and mother to 11-month-old River, admits: "I am one of the many parents that has found feeding my baby to be a daunting responsibility. There is so much pressure placed on ensuring that as parents, we are making the right choice for our child's nutrition.

“I can see why some people might be a bit hesitant to try baby food - the texture can be quite off-putting for adults. But I think it’s so important to taste the food we are giving the most precious beings in our lives!”

Jessica and dietitian Nichola Ludlam-Raine have partnered with Organix, the UK’s leading children’s food brand to embark on the ‘Taste the Texture Challenge’ themselves.

Their mission is to inspire a fun and interactive approach to introducing diverse textures and flavours to babies, encouraging fellow parents to sample the texture rich, veggie packed baby meal pots, alongside their little ones. After all, if you wouldn’t eat it, why should they?

Despite the NHS weaning guidelines recommending a gradual and timely introduction to increasing texture, more than half (56%) of parents surveyed believe that their babies prefer smooth textures when transitioning to solid foods whilst over half of parents (53%) are unaware that texture should increase gradually.

Nichola, known as ‘Mummy Nutrition’, on Instagram, said: "It’s important to remember no two weaning journeys are the same and it can vary for every baby. However, the consensus and guidelines highlight the importance of introducing textures gradually for optimal development progress.”

For more information and Nichola’s top tips on introducing texture during the weaning process, visit Help your baby explore new tastes and textures by taking the ‘Taste the Texture Challenge’. Share your experiences with us on social by tagging @organixfood and using #tastethetexture.