Professional Triathletes Organisation Executive Chairman Chris Kermode has revealed his plans to make the T100 Triathlon World Tour one of the biggest sporting events in the world.

A rebranding of the PTO Tour, the T100 is a brand-new eight race format across the calendar year culminating in a thrilling grand final to crown the World Champion of long-distance triathlon.

With stops in Singapore, London, Las Vegas and Dubai, 40 of the best male and female triathletes in the world will line-up for the 100km races in what Kermode believes will soon become a household name on the sporting calendar.

“Triathlon is one of the rare global sports with the biggest untapped potential,” he said.

“It has huge participation around the world but there’s no cohesive narrative to get better viewership.

“Everyone told me I could never make it happen but I’m going to make triathlon and the T100 one of the biggest sport and entertainment products in the world.”

Through its partnership with World Triathlon, the PTO's ambitions for the T100 stretch far beyond the usual triathlon events of the past, including Kermode's wish to engage with fans through data, such as average speeds and season statistics to help build the story of a race.

“You have to bring the sport to life through the people and data,” he said.

“I remember watching my first triathlon race and not being able to relate to the athletes until I realised they were cycling at 75km an hour.

“I don’t even drive that fast most of the time! Why was that information not on TV for fans to see?

"The data will drive the interest."

Kermode has also expressed the T100's aim to lean on the storytelling narratives of the athletes throughout the season to keep viewers old and new engaged.

And with athletes such as double Olympic gold medallist Alistair Brownlee and reigning women's Ironman World Champion Lucy Charles-Barclay on the start line, fans are not short of incredible endurance athletes to root for.

Add that to racing in some of the most iconic venues in the world and Kermode believes he has all the right ingredients to build an easily-digestible and captivating triathlon series.

“Sport is a simple business model and unfortunately a lot of sports don’t stick to this model,” he added.

“The ingredients you need are a season-long narrative, a start and an end to the season culminating with a winner, iconic locations and the same talent at every single event.

“But the last ingredient you need, which is the most important one, is that you have to care. You have to care who wins over someone else.

“Team sports have this huge privilege that it’s a tribal experience, teams you support are in your DNA and it’s a communal experience.

“Individual sports you need to make sure people care through the storytelling.

“We have the best superhuman athletes in the world in this sport and we need to bring that achievement to life through broadcast and data.”