ST BENEDICT’S School in Ealing welcomed Monica Bhogal, director of the charity Schools Consent Project (SCP), to speak to parents.

She advised on how they can best support their children by starting discussions about consent and how to make safe choices.

Working closely with SCP, St Benedict's is able to create a unique curriculum which offers individually tailored age-appropriate workshops for students in different year groups.

Consent is a topic that arises in the life of every young person in today's society. As it can be such a sensitive subject, the legalities are often difficult to understand. Engaging in non-consensual behaviour has real consequences.

Ms Bhogal stressed the importance of how, as parents, they can ensure children have accurate and comprehensive knowledge, to enable them to enjoy respectful, fulfilling relationships.

She said: " By sharing examples of the tools and messages we use in our workshops with young people, hopefully, I have enabled parents to support and reinforce these discussions at home".

With one in every three women experiencing sexual violence during their lifetime, consent conversations are an important preventative measure to help drive down sexual offending rates.