PALLIATIVE care doctor Muhayman Jamil has been made an MBE for his Services to People with Disabilities.

The former speed skater, who lives in Northolt, set up Wheels and Wheelchairs so that individuals with limited mobility can take part in sport and enjoy the thrill of travelling at speed.

The group meets every Saturday in Battersea Park, with skaters pushing wheelchairs fitted with a third stabilising wheel.

Muhayman said; “We zip around the park at a fair speed, which is great fun. You can’t beat that buzz you get when you whizz past pedestrians, runners and even the occasional cyclist.

"It is so liberating, and it gives our friends who are wheelchair users a sense of freedom they rarely get the chance to experience for themselves.”

Muhayman started Wheels and Wheelchairs after being asked to help plot a route that would take a group of French skaters and wheelchair users from Paris to London for the 2012 Paralympics.

"The skating community look out for one another, so a group of us travelled with them to London. It was a real adventure and, when we got to the capital, someone suggested we start a similar group in the UK.

"The first wheelchair user we took out was a patient at the hospice where I used to work. He was paralysed from the neck down and spent most of his days in front of the TV.

“He had great trouble communicating verbally, but, after our first trip, he surprised everyone by saying how good it was to feel the wind on his face again.

It just grew from there and we now have up to 100 skaters and wheelchair users involved in our activities every weekend."

Muhayman, a keen ice skater as a youth, reconnected with the sport years later when a roller blader skated past him while he was running in Hyde Park in Central London.

“It’s actually harder to skate on concrete than ice but it’s the same principle and it's great to share that thrill with others,” he said.