WITH the new year comes a fresh wave of motivation to start - or improve - your physical and mental wellbeing.

Billie Nixon, Fitness Manager for Everyone Active in Ealing, has shared her practical tips for keeping it up throughout the year.

“We want people to have fun and enjoy fitness in a way that suits them,” says Billie. “Below, we’ve listed our top tips for a successful fitness journey beyond January.”

1 - Explore diverse activities

Getting fit doesn’t have to be all about the gym. Consider trying something different and taking part in an exercise class, swimming or badminton.

Exploring different activities will enhance your all-around fitness and keep your interest levels high.

2 – Beat the rush

If you’re hitting the gym, it might be worth considering when you visit. The post-work window is usually busy, so a lunchtime session, a mid-evening slot or rising early could be the answer.

You don’t need to use a wide variety of equipment to get a full workout. The less you use, the less likely you are to run into gym traffic. For some initial inspiration, click here.

3 – Know your limits

Don’t make the mistake of jumping into a punishing routine that might result in burnout or injury.

If you’re wanting to boost your aerobic capacity, starting with long walks or steady cycling will improve cardio fitness and prepare your body for more intense activity down the line.

4 – The influence of social media

It’s better to focus on your own personal goals rather than being swayed by external influencers – enabling you to find your own sustainable, and attainable, approach to fitness.

5 – Shift your focus away from superficial goals

Move away from appearance-centric goals and instead view fitness as a means to leading a longer, stronger and healthier life. Consider practical objectives instead, such as keeping up with your children.

6 – Talk to the experts

Seek guidance from our experienced personal trainers who can provide tailored advice and exercises. Alternatively, participate in small group training sessions.

7 – Virtual classes

If you’d rather avoid a class environment, why not explore virtual options? Everyone on Demand, Everyone Active's app, offers a range of virtual classes, allowing you to engage in fitness from the comfort of your home. To find out more, click here.

8 – Take your time

Part of a fitness journey is having sustainable goals. So, why not take a few weeks exploring your local leisure centre and the facilities they have to offer: from state-of-the-art gym equipment to swimming pools, there is something for everyone in Ealing.

Everyone Active manages 10 sports, leisure and golf centres in partnership with Ealing Council, including Acton Centre, Northolt Leisure Centre, Dormers Wells Leisure Centre and Brent Valley Golf Course and Fitness Centre.