A GROUP from IMPACT Theatre performed for King Charles on his pre-Christmas visit to Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre.

It was a dream come true for the group of learning-disabled performers, who had been told only that they were performing for someone high up in the royal family.

Minutes before they performed their signed dances (dances using Makaton sign language, developed for those with a learning disability), they were overwhelmed when they learned the king would be in the audience.

Disabled IMPACT member Paul Goodger, who was recovering from an injury at the time, said: “He asked me about my leg and was very interested.”

Dancer Angela Thomas added: “He came and shook our hands. He told me he really enjoyed our signed dance.”

IMPACT artistic director Kim Mughan said: “The artists and performers are very proud to have received the Queen’s Award (in 2018).

“The opportunity to meet and dance for King Charles was simply wonderful and the performers have not stopped talking about it.”