Two in five (38%) British travellers claim to have never come across airport guidance advising against packing gift-wrapped presents in hand luggage, according to research.

Thousands of wrapped presents are screened, opened and searched as part of airport security checks every year, yet more than a fifth (22%) admit they are unaware of additional screening requirements in place for wrapped presents.

With the climax of the festive period rapidly approaching, London Luton Airport has made a tongue-in-cheek plea to the public, reminding passengers to travel with their presents unwrapped this Christmas.

Inspired by a memorable scene from one of the UK’s favourite Christmas films, the airport is set to host a completely free-of-charge airside wrapping service to help travellers deal with any unwanted spoilers and ensure they reach their destination with their gifts under wraps.

Rowan Atkinson lookalike and social media sensation Nigel Dixon launched the service with a parody of the Love Actually scene in which overzealous store ‘artiste’ Rufus gives a masterclass in elaborate gift wrapping for ‘Harry’, played by Alan Rickman.

LLA’s Clare Armstrong said: “Given the high number of wrapped presents we see in security each year, we realised many of our passengers are unaware of the possibility that they may need to be opened for inspection.

Ealing Times:

“So, the idea for our gift wrap service was born to create a fun experience for passengers, while minimising any unwanted delays or stress when travelling this festive season.”

In a nod to the comedic exchange between the two much-loved characters, the service includes gift wrap paper, tags, adorning ribbons and various festive extras including dried flowers, cinnamon sticks and lavender.

The bespoke wrapping paper features a snowflake motif made from an aeroplane formation to provide a final flourish for passengers’ gift packages.

LLA’s simple and friendly gift-wrapping service will be available to passengers on Thursday 21st December in Aelia Duty Free