CULTIVATE London, a social enterprise based in Acton, has successfully met its fund-raising target to launch a green waste solution scheme.

The fundraiser was backed by 40 supporters, including the Ealing Together Fund, to collect a total of £21,216.

The pilot programme will collect waste from the community and process it in a purpose-built bio-digester to produce liquid fertiliser and compost.

Auberon Bayley, of Cultivate London, said: "Not only will it help with waste reduction, but we're also aiming to hold educational workshops for the community."

The aim is for waste to be re-used to produce vegetables, herbs and salads, which would be distributed among volunteers and partner groups.

The seeds will be harvested and shared at satellite gardens and associated groups. 

Around 60% of the money raised will go towards building a workshop space, to create planters, beds, garden furniture and other upcycled objects out of waste timber.

The project will also use electric cargo bikes and hand-held carry caddies for collecting and delivering materials.

The charity hopes its green waste solutions will be adopted by councils and other communities.

The sustainability idea was kick-started on Spacehive, an online community fund-raising platform.

Misha Dhanak, CEO of Spacehive, said: "[We] work with a number of councils, including Ealing, to put power in the hands of local people and support projects that are important to communities."