JACQUI Martin put herself back on the market after giving up her job as an estate agent in Ealing and retrained as a midwife.

The change of heart came when she was pregnant with her third child and struck by the care and compassion shown by her young midwife.

“I just thought what an amazing vocation and began an access to nursing course a year after the birth of my daughter.”

Jacqui, 33, ended up doing her midwifery training in the same hospital in which she had given birth. Her mentor turned out to be the midwife who had helped deliver her child.  

“I’m glad I had my children before I become a midwife,” laughed the mother of three who describes her early days as a midwife as exciting and scary.

She joined Northwick Park Hospital 18 years ago and is currently one of five safeguarding nurses.

Jacqui specialises in substance abuse and regularly liaises with social services, ensuring mother and child get the appropriate support.

Her efforts were rewarded recently when she was the surprise recipient of the Gwen Richardson Award, given annually to an outstanding midwife.

“It was a complete surprise when they called out my name,” she said. “Colleagues have been congratulating and ribbing me about it.”