TO celebrate National Tree Week this week, pupils at Notting Hill & Ealing High School were involved in a project to plant trees on Horsenden Hill.

UK Charity Trees for Cities has partnered with Ealing Council to plant up to 6,200 saplings on Horsenden Home Field.

Their aim is to add to the aesthetic value and species richness of the field, as well as to help combat flooding of the sports field and nearby homes.

More than 40 students, including the school’s eco reps, planted a total of 195 trees, including oak, silver birch, alder, common hazel, wild cherry and rowan.

Students learned that aftercare and maintenance includes mulching, to help keep the saplings warm during winter, as well as weeding and watering, to ensure the trees grow to maturity.

It was also explained why the huge piles of mulch were giving off steam and that worms have five hearts!

The girls got stuck in and were covered in mud and mulch for good measure.

Sustainability has been moved to the forefront of the school’s decision-making. Five key areas in which to affect change have been identified, including reducing energy, gas and water consumption, procurement, recycling and waste, as well as promoting eco-friendly modes of travel.