A VICIOUS Vikings morning, devised and hosted by St Benedict’s School, Ealing, was attended by children from seven nearby primary schools.

More than 45 pupils joined St Benedict’s for a lively morning learning about Viking history.

Led by teachers from St Benedict's Senior School, the event was attended by Year 5 children from seven schools, North Ealing and Selborne primaries, Holy Family, St Vincent’s Christ the Saviour, Avenue House and St Benedict's Junior School.

They learned about the different Viking territories and routes and tasked the children with identifying flags from the countries affiliated with Vikings and their explorations.

The session continued in the library, where the children were presented with a colourful history of Vikings from the Year 800c, when they started to raid the British Isles.

It was rudely interrupted when the library was unexpectedly stormed by a group of St Benedict’s ‘Vikings’ in the form of sixth-formers re-enacting an invasion!

The morning ended with a musical session in which the children composed and sang raucous Viking chants.

Before going home, each visiting school had the opportunity to dress up in Viking accessories and have their photos taken.