EALING Central Library reopened to the public on Monday morning, after treating an infestation of bed bugs. 

It had been closed since October 30 due to bugs found inside the furnishings and was given a top to bottom, deep-clean treatment using safe chemicals. 

A spokesperson for Ealing Council said: “Pest control professionals confirmed the library is now low risk and that they did not see any bugs on their most recent visit. 

“The library has been treated twice since a small number of bugs were seen and it's due to be treated again on Friday (10) outside opening hours.  

“A fourth and final treatment will take place 7-14 days later.” 

The library originally planned to reopen on Thursday, November 2, but it was delayed on the advice of pest controllers.  

The news comes after an outbreak of bed bugs in Paris reportedly spread to London last month, infesting trains and public places.