A VANDAL has sprayed red paint across the gates and entrances of the Acton Mosque, as well as another mosque, Masjid Ezzeitouna, and a Syrian café. 

Acton Mosque, in Oldham Terrace, has been targeted three times in two weeks, with the first incident on Thursday, October 26, followed by two more incidents on Saturday (4) and Monday (6). 

Aizul Haque, senior trustee, said: “It is very sad and dangerous because we have children coming to the mosque to learn the Quran. 

“Acton Mosque is full of law-abiding citizens. We try to help people as much as we can, and we do not criticise any other religion.

“But we try to treat them equally to our own attendees, so it is very alarming that we have been targeted.” 

Rupa Huq added: "There is no place for hate crime in our tolerant borough.

"The Middle East situation has wide implications for so many communities in Ealing. We need to dial down tensions at a time like this."

In footage captured by the mosque, the perpetrator, on a bike, masked his or her face under a helmet and struck past 1am. 

The mosque is asking police to install another CCTV night vision camera in the area. 

Similar red paint was used to vandalise Masjid Ezzeitouna in East Acton at least twice, with the most recent incident on Sunday (5). 

A Syrian café, PistaHoney (also recognised as Al Baghajati) was also targeted on October 23. 

Rupa Huq, MP for Ealing Central and Acton, visited Acton mosque along with Cllr Hodan Haili, who represents North Acton, and was shocked to see the damage. 

Ms Huq said: “To whoever it is who keeps engaging in hate crimes in Acton, including the Syrian café, you will be caught.” 

Another committee member at the mosque said: “This is trying to break the ties of friendship and pressurise people not to attend.” 

Acton Mosque opened its doors to the community on Visit My Mosque Day in September.