EALING Book Festival will launch on November 16 at Pitzhanger Manor and Gallery in Walpole Park, followed by a series of events in 2024 for book lovers of all ages.

Best selling author and ex-BBC journalist Rory Cellan-Jones will speak at the launch to former BBC journalist Rebecca Jones about his newly-published book, Ruskin Park. 

The book has been described as a tender and compelling story of a love affair between his parents, both BBC employees.

He knew little about it until his mother recently died and left him with a file labelled ‘For Rory’.  

The book shines a light on his parents’ broken relationship and Rory’s isolated childhood as his mother single-handedly raised him and his brother while working full time.

Rory told me: "As an Ealing resident for more than 30 years I am so delighted to be helping to launch this exciting new book festival with a preview event about my memoir, Ruskin Park.

"When the full festival happens next year I will be first in the queue for tickets. 

"Book festivals are great fun to be at as an author and a visitor."

Catherine Jaquiss, festival chair, said: “We hope we can bring a dynamic and varied programme which can reflect the vibrant and diverse borough of Ealing.” 

The event will also invite young detectives and artists to solve the mystery of a dangerous art heist set in the 1950s, led by children’s historical mystery author Judith Eagle and illustrator Kim Geyer.

Young participants will search for clues to a hidden painting in the Manor, just as fictional heroine Caro Monday does in their latest book, The Stolen Songbird. 

In spring 2024, there will be talks with nationally-renowned authors, local writers, panel discussions and book signings. The festival is sponsored by Savills estate agency.