LEBANESE and Middle East franchise Comptoir Libanais launched its first UK restaurant in four years in the heart of Ealing Broadway on Saturday (7). 

It serves traditional cuisine, including hot and cold mezzes, mixed grills of kebabs and chicken, feta cheese and olive salads, wraps, rolls and savoury filo pastries.

It has a bustling ambience and is bursting with colour and flavour from the moment you enter. You are greeted with maximalist, floral decor and ornaments from both Lebanese art and British iconography.

Tony Kitous, its founder, said: “My dream is for Lebanese cuisine and culture to achieve the same popularity as Italian food.

“This restaurant in Ealing will continue my passion for both the food and the culture, which I'm eager to share with our valued guests.”

Comptoir’s speciality includes rose mint tea, which complements the flavours of its baklava ice cream sandwich.

The dessert menu has a heavenly selection of sweet delicacies, with a highlight being a mango vanilla cheesecake made with a soft and creamy cloud-like texture and sprinkled with pomegranate to harmonise a sharpness to the sweet.

Comptoir Libanais is open from 11am-10pm seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with both dine-in and takeaway.