TREE maintenance staff have been monitoring roads on Ealing Common following a complaint from a Times reader about lack of action in cutting back growth.

Alastair Munro told us: “Given Ealing Council’s advocacy of all things green, is it not surprising [to witness] its lack of residential roads tree management?

“A number of residents on the street where I live are struggling to get the council to act when their overgrowth has caused subsidence, in some cases, and damage to properties on this street.

“Communication with our councillor and separately the tree department have seen no tangible results.” 

“The trees make the streets even darker, particularly if LED lights have been installed, such as on Windsor Road. It’s great for energy saving but not so good from a personal security perspective. 

“For all its protestations around traffic control, the council's green energy credentials don't seem to stand up under closer scrutiny!”

An Ealing Council spokesperson said a site visit had been made this week.

A statement added: “Basal growth was removed last month as part of the twice-yearly programme for lime trees.

“Windsor Road has no lime trees and no other basal growth issues exist. The tree crowns are in good condition and there are no issues with them being overgrown.

“Two trees identified with uplifting of tarmac at the Ealing Broadway end of Windsor Road were corrected about a month ago.”