MORE than 50 golf club members and residents protested outside Perceval House before an Ealing Council decision to shut Perivale Golf Course.


Supporters had already collected 3,000 signatures on a petition opposing the move.


They argue it is a much-loved course used by a diverse following and that the decision was made in haste with the wrong data and prejudiced assumptions.


Support came from Liberal Democrat councillors, for whom Connie Hersch, spokesperson for communities, said: “The decision seems to neither follow due process nor is in line with the Labour objectives of inclusion and healthy living for all.”

Her colleague, Jon Ball, added: “[We] have heard that Perivale Park is the most accessible golf course in the borough, financially, socially and also in terms of its relatively flat layout, which is ideal for older people and those with disabilities. 

“It seems to me possible for a compromise to be found where the golf course remains open but forms part of a regional park.”

Labour-run Ealing Council wants to incorporate the golf course into a rewilded regional park and link it to the existing Brent River Park.