EALING author and lawyer Sofia Due, from Hanger Lane, has had her second book, Finding Jack, published. It’s a story of loss, love and friendship. 

Finding Jack is a romantic novel centered on the life of widow Gennie, who, after losing her alcoholic husband, decides to relocate with her daughter to North Cornwall in the hope of a fresh start and financial security. 

The countryside seems like an ideal new beginning for Gennie to work for a local children’s charity and rebuild her life.

That’s until an ex-soldier, Jack, from her past arrives with the turbulent potential to completely throw her healing journey off-track. 

Due’s first novel, Ed & Lily, was published in 2021. 

Her work, she says, is often inspired by her everyday work as an asylum and human rights lawyer, where she regularly meets refugees who have escaped war zones and experienced immense grief. 

The author said: “In a way, when you write these stories you can solve all the problems for them that maybe, in your work ,you can’t always. You can write them a happy ending.” 

Jack, an officer previously stationed in Afghanistan, comes to Cornwall for similar reasons as Gennie, to look for a new beginning and connects with an Afghan boy to find common understandings of the war that united them. 

Finding Jack is available from The Book Guild Publishing and can be bought here for £9.99.