BRITAIN is known for having far more CCTV coverage than many other countries.

CCTV cameras are installed to prevent crime and keep the public safe, while also tracking and identifying wanted criminals.

Now, research shows Hillingdon is the London borough with the most CCTV cameras per head, with 38.39 cameras per 10,000 people.

It means people in the borough benefit from the most comprehensive CCTV coverage in the country.

Hillingdon is also the UK council area with the best crime per camera of 0.017, meaning it has ample CCTV coverage for the level of crime in the area.

Ealing is fourth and Harrow sixth in the London rankings.

Cameras are present in many public places, from the high street to parks and public buildings, as well as private areas such as businesses and industrial areas.

They have also become much more popular among the general public, with people choosing to instal CCTV in their own homes, as well as the proliferation of smart doorbells that include a camera function.

To compile its list, security staffing firm Get Licensed carried out a series of Freedom of Information requests.

It asked for the number of fixed CCTV cameras in public spaces in each council area, as well as the amount spent by that council on CCTV in 2022.

It received usable data from 79 separate local authorities, which was compiled to create the report.

It used ONS crime data to compare the crime rate per 10,000 people in each local authority area with the rate of council-operated public cameras.