FORGET the unwritten rule about ‘look but don’t touch’ at an inter-active exhibition in Ealing from this Thursday (28).

Well Worn at the SET arts centre in St James’s House, Ealing Broadway, allows people to break down typical boundaries between spectator and artist.

The two-week exhibition encourages visitors to pick up art, to feel the textures, to smell, scrunch and even wear the work!

Thirty artists were involved in the project and were tasked to go outside their comfort zones to create sensory-immersive art.

Co-curator Alexander Harding said: “We're hoping this freedom and the controlled chaos it brings about will produce all kinds of strange but welcome co-operations."

The arts centre will be hosting three events:

  1. Pigment Workshop (October 5, 6.30-8.30pm)

Led by Lucy Mayes of London Pigment, visitors will take part in the production of colour paints and inks. A selection will be collated by Lucy for a garment to be shown in the exhibition space.

  1. Fabric badges family event (October 8, 12 noon-2pm)

Children and carers are invited to make wearable fabric badges.

  1. Reflection and Performance (October 12, 6-10pm)

As a closing event, the exhibited artists and community will come together for an evening of performance and reflection on the past two weeks.