TWO Ealing councillors went out on the beat with a police team to see how they try to keep neighbourhoods safe. 

Uniformed officers are trained to pick up on the smallest signs that might suggest an issue, which requires a stop and search.

They don’t stop people randomly but need to have seen, heard or smelt something suspicious.

In the case witnessed by Lib Dem councillors Gary Malcolm and Connie Hersch, the strong smell of cannabis in a park which led to a stop and search on two people.

The pair, after listening to people report issues in Hanwell, want to see the police and Ealing Council work hand in hand to do everything possible to reduce anti-social behaviour there and elsewhere in the borough.

The Met wants to recruit 500 new officers, but currently they have to focus on known hot spots or around stations and parks.

One officer said some of the anti-social had been reduced compared to a year ago (despite members of the public saying the opposite).

The councillors fear it might have moved towards West Ealing.

Cllr Hersch, Lib Dem spokesperson for policing, said: “Given some of the anti-social behaviour relates to drinking and people taking drugs, it seems police and the council need to be stronger at ensuring dodgy shops selling illegally made alcohol are closed or made to sell alcohol only to those legally allowed to buy it.”