SHOPPERS in Ealing are being encouraged to vote for schemes that help to give children their strongest start in life.

As adverts for Tesco’s Stronger Starts initiative appear on TV this week, customers can visit their nearest store and drop a blue token they receive at checkout into a voting box for one of three projects.

The aim is to support Ealing schools and children’s groups with grants of up to £1,500, to provide nutritious food and healthy activities that aid physical health and mental wellbeing.

These could include breakfast clubs or equipment for healthy activities.

Two of the three blue token voting boxes by the checkout will be dedicated to schools, and the third will be for community projects nominated by each store’s staff.

Customers can choose which of the three projects they’d like to support by voting with a blue token.

Schools or children’s groups in Ealing that could benefit from a Stronger Starts grant are also being asked to apply by visiting