YOUNG children who enjoy trampolining in Southfield Recreation Ground, Acton, have not been able to do so for more than a year.

Damage was reported in August 2022 to Ealing Council parks department, but on the first anniversary of that no repair has been made.   

Southfield Rec is one of four ancient fields in Acton, which the council bought in 1908, for use by residents.

It is seen as an important space for access to nature, with a wildflower meadow, as well as a playground.

One resident complained a child’s foot could easily go through the broken trampoline.

Cllr Gary Malcolm, Opposition leader on Ealing Council and a Southfield councillor, said: “Liberal Democrats believe faulty equipment should be fixed within a matter of weeks, not years.”

A council spokesperson said: "The trampoline needed to be removed for safety reasons, which we know is a real disappointment for children and their families.

"We have worked hard to secure additional funding to invest in our playgrounds, which was confirmed earlier in the summer.

"That means we are hoping to have the trampoline net replaced and other upgrade works started in the next few months.”