REMEMBER Ealing in 1993? Estate agent Winkworth does and, to mark its 30th anniversary, it looks back on how the property market has changed and offers advice for today’s owners and buyers.

IN 1993, the economy was growing for the first time in three years, inflation was at 1.6% and the average property price in the borough of Ealing was £67,574.

Since then, Winkworth Ealing and Acton has seen mortgage interest rate relief fall and disappear, the introduction of the buy-to-let mortgage, the 2008 financial crash and, of course, the lockdowns of 2020-2021.

Inflation is currently at 8.7%, and the average price of a property in Ealing is £526,845.

Winkworth’s sales and lettings director Fiona Lee has worked for the agency since it opened.

She said: “Obviously the whole country is finding things tough at the moment. Inflation is tightening a lot of belts and interest rates are making it harder to afford mortgages.

“I’ve lived and worked in this area for three decades, and this isn’t the only difficult patch the neighbourhood (and the country) has had to face. We’ve found our way through before, and we’ll do it again.

She thinks those looking to sell or rent their property will still find plenty of interest. Demand for property in Ealing has not slowed, and she believes that’s down to more than just amenities.

“One thing has been the same for all that time,” she said, “and that’s the Ealing and Acton spirit.

"It’s not just the parks, leafy streets and transport links that draw people — it’s the sense of community.

"You really are joining a neighbourhood when you move here, and it’s no wonder we get so many inquiries from people who want to be part of it.

"No-one knows what changes the next 30 years will bring, but it’s evident the enthusiasm to be part of a vibrant community hasn't faded.

For those in W3, W5, W7 and W13 looking to know the value of their property, Winkworth is offering a free market appraisal. You can book online, or by calling 020 8896 0123.